Thursday, July 15, 2010

Painting and a sketch

This painting is from a photo I took two Christmases ago at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. There was the most beautiful and vibrant sunset I remember seeing in years. I took a bunch of photos and did this painting from those. There is no way to adequately recreate those incredible colors!

Sunset at Callaway
Framed, 11"x14"

I occasionally participate in various challenges on, an online artist community. A couple of months ago, one of the weekend challenges included this rooster from Monet's Garden. I couldn't resist sketching this beautiful chicken! He looked so peaceful.

Monet's Rooster at Rest
Watercolor and ink
Matted, 8"x10"


  1. They are gorgeous! Love the colors and how they blend so nicely =)

  2. It's gorgeous! I really like colors of the sunset picture. The rooster is just too cute ^^

  3. Nice watercolour, but the rooster is wonderfully well done.

  4. Thanks so much, Alex and ovson!! I loved doing both of them. :)

  5. Hey Leslie - I like this work - I love the simplicity of the sunset painting - thanks for dropping by my side - Stephen

  6. I love your watercolors! I'm off to work now, but I also see why we should talk - we have a lot in common :-) Our Savior!

  7. Exactly what I was thinking, Deborah!! We do have a lot in common. :) Our Savior most of all!